Neighbor couldn’t stand it any more

Contributed photo Suki Chen of the United States with her two younger nieces in a restaurant in China.

Contributed photo
Suki Chen of the United States with her two younger nieces in a restaurant in China.

Suki Chen is still trying to bring her nieces to the United States. The girls ages 4, 7 and 11 have been living as orphans in China since their mother and grandmother were killed in accidents last summer. Their father remains in a coma in a hospital several hours away.

Mrs. Chen, a New Windsor resident and a Cornwall business owner, has engaged attorneys to help her bring the children to this country. One of the lawyers asked the girls’ neighbor in China to describe their condition. This is part of what she had to say.

“Hello, I’m Shanzhen Wang, Chen’s neighbor. Since the parents of this family had an accident, there has been nobody taking care of the children of this family. The children are very poor. I could not stand it anymore so I often go to their home to take care of the children, after all, how are the three girls at this young age to take care of themselves?

Originally, the grandmother of the children at home could watch the children, at least made the child having a protective umbrella, but who know misfortunes never come singly, their grandma passed away at a car accident.

“I really could not stand it anymore…. When the weather was very cold, the children did not know how to wear clothes and did not have thick clothes to wear, even did not have socks, which really did not have differences from the homeless children? It makes me thinking of how happy the children were before when their parents were at home but now how poor they are. I could not stand it anymore, so I took the thick clothes of my home to them to wear. I hope that the children never get sick. These three children are very clever. They are helping each other and are special intelligent, but after all, they are children….
“Due to there are no adult at home, the children gradually are full of fear for the future. The children asked me a question and said, ‘Tell us aunt, are the children without mother like a root of grass? Are there no differences between us and grass?’ This question deeply hurt my heart, and my teardrop could not stop at that time….

“Their school records are very good. The teachers said that they were very lovely and studying very hard. In the morning every day, the eldest girl helps her younger sisters to wear the clothes well, and cook the breakfast well, then do her own thing, and then they walk to go the school together…. I really hope that that the father of the children can wake up to take care of them, to give them hope….

“Due to my family has children, I take care of the children of my family in evening, so I have to make the three children sleeping at their own home, and  that you can call me if there something needed me to help, Fortunately, I live just next the door of the children…. I really hope that the U.S. government can help them get them together with their aunt in the USA, and let their aunt to help to take care of them for a period of time, and that the children will come back to China after their father gets better recovery and the children are growing up little more.


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