Obituary – April 28, 2017

Richard Browne

May 24, 1943 – April 2, 2017

formerly of Highland Falls

Richard (Richie) Walter Browne, 73, died peacefully at home in Sausalito, Calif. on Sunday April 2.

Richard grew up at the U.S. Military Academy, with his father Capt. Walter Browne, the Academy golf coach, and his mother Katherine. He attended the Manilus Military School, and graduated from Highland Falls High School. He went on to earn a degree in golf agronomy from University of Massachusetts and became a well-respected golf pro. He was the beloved golf superintendent at Garrison Golf Course for 30 years.

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This week’s issue – April 28, 2017

Photo by Ben Cashman Kevin O’Connor, Mia Dawson, Gabe Colsant and Emily Roohan carried the Cornwall Little League banner at the front of the Opening Day Parade.

Photo by Ben Cashman
Kevin O’Connor, Mia Dawson, Gabe Colsant and Emily Roohan carried the Cornwall Little League banner at the front of the Opening Day Parade.

Stuff happens here on the weekend

Nothing ever happens here? Don’t believe it. There was enough activity from Friday to Sunday to keep a reporter busy throughout the weekend. On Friday, more than 80 people attended a senior lunch at Munger Cottage. The Cornwall Conservation Advisory Committee planted a tree at the Sands Ring Homestead. The next morning was Opening Day for Cornwall Little League. The Library had volunteers working in the garden, and experts repairing equipment and garments in the Community Room. At night, the Cornwall Historical Society held its dinner, and the following afternoon Storm King School continued its Festival of the Arts. Page 1

River Avenue residents say “slow down”

Two River Avenue residents recently spoke at a Cornwall-on-Hudson Board of Trustees meeting to complain about speeding down the steep roadway.

The issue is not a new one. Gary Curasi addressed the board 10 years ago. At the time a weight limit sign was placed at the top of the steep hill and yellow lines were painted down the middle of the road with the thinking motorists would drive slower if they had to stay within a lane.

Unfortunately, speed still remains an issue. Page 1

Board adopts school budget

The vote was seven to one when the school board adopted a budget for 2017-18. Peter Erwin missed the April 20 meeting. And Rafael Ortiz voted “no” — objecting to the process rather than the budget itself.

Before a vote was taken, Mr. Ortiz held up a pamphlet from the New York State School Board Association (NYSSBA), which suggests that the budget process should begin during the previous summer. Page 1

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Neighbor couldn’t stand it any more

Contributed photo Suki Chen of the United States with her two younger nieces in a restaurant in China.

Contributed photo
Suki Chen of the United States with her two younger nieces in a restaurant in China.

Suki Chen is still trying to bring her nieces to the United States. The girls ages 4, 7 and 11 have been living as orphans in China since their mother and grandmother were killed in accidents last summer. Their father remains in a coma in a hospital several hours away.

Mrs. Chen, a New Windsor resident and a Cornwall business owner, has engaged attorneys to help her bring the children to this country. One of the lawyers asked the girls’ neighbor in China to describe their condition. This is part of what she had to say.

“Hello, I’m Shanzhen Wang, Chen’s neighbor. Since the parents of this family had an accident, there has been nobody taking care of the children of this family. The children are very poor. I could not stand it anymore so I often go to their home to take care of the children, after all, how are the three girls at this young age to take care of themselves?

Originally, the grandmother of the children at home could watch the children, at least made the child having a protective umbrella, but who know misfortunes never come singly, their grandma passed away at a car accident.

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Obituaries – April 21, 2017

Jo Emily Stacy

August 26, 1967 – April 11, 2017

Formerly of West Point

Jo Emily Stacy, Highland Falls High School Class of 1967 and resident of New Smyrna Beach Florida, died April 11, 2017 after a long battle with emphysema. Jo was known for her generosity and acts of kindness to all creatures great and small, family, friends, and anyone else she could reach.

Jo was born in Coronado, California on August 26, 1949. She grew up in a military family with eight brothers and sisters, and traveled throughout the country and the world during her childhood and her adult life.

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Obituaries – April 14, 2017

Salvatore “Sam” Cassella

August 20, 1929 – April 6, 2017


Salvatore “Sam” Cassella, of Cornwall-On-Hudson entered into eternal rest on April 6 at his home.  He was 87 years old.

The son of the late John Cassella and Jennie D’Amico Cassella, Sam was born on August 20, 1929 in Chester.

Sam honorably and proudly served his country as a member of the U.S.  Navy during the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam  War and retired after 20 years, achieving the rank of Chief Petty Officer.  After being discharged, Sam was employed by the New York Military Academy as a carpenter and custodian.

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Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose. Recreate.

Apr7_collageBack in 1980, a young Morten Ender lived in Germany but was planning to visit friends in Naples, Italy. In preparing to head there, his friends said they’d be spending the summer on the islands in the Mediterranean selling arts and crafts to tourists, and he should go with them.

“I said I don’t make anything,” Ender recalled this week, noting that he was aware that Europeans encourage the making of arts and crafts. “But, I pressed some flowers and took them, and they sold!”

That encouraged him, once he was back home in Germany, to keep making simple collages of pressed flowers and selling them at local craft fairs for extra money.

“The Germans seemed to love them,” he says.

Fast forward to 2017. Ender, a professor at West Point, is a 20-year resident of Highland Falls. He’s an accomplished author — his seventh book, with Dr. Michael Matthews from Cornwall, is about diversity and inclusion in the military and will be released next month. He and his wife Corina, a Social Studies teacher at Ketcham High School in Dutchess County, have one son, Axel, who is a soccer player and Fashion and Business Studies major at Marist College.

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Obituaries – April 7, 2017

Dolores Falco

November 15, 1931-March 30, 2017

Cornwall, N.Y.

Dolores Falco passed away at home in Cornwall on March 30. She was 85. Congestive heart failure finally won out.

Dolores was the only child of Mary Kane Mitchell and Arthur Mitchell.

The first job “Sis” had, was in the Commodore Ice Cream Shop on Broadway, Newburgh. She never forget how to make a Banana Split. The owners were fond of her and years afterward welcomed her visits when she had a little boy of her own.

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